Succeeding in California cannabis: four questions with Chemistree Technologies president Karl Kottmeier

  • Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Chemistree is expanding its west coast footprint with an eye on full vertical integration.

The market for cannabis stocks was white hot as Canada prepared to legalise consumption on October 17, and while there has been a bit of a pullback since that milestone day, belief in the long-term outlook for the sector remains strong.  But much bigger news for investors is still to come.  Most observers believe that at some point, cannabis will become federally legal in the US, and when that happens the related opportunities will dwarf those in Canada.

Proactive Investors sat down recently with Karl Kottmeier, president of Chemistree Technologies (CSE:CHM), to discuss the current landscape in California’s cannabis market and what it takes to succeed there in both the short and long terms.


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