Industry Veteran Sheldon Aberman opening up new US opportunities for Chemistree

Chemistree Technology Inc. (OTC: CHMJF) is ready to seize on the wide variety of opportunities that are presenting themselves due to the rollercoaster year in the North American Cannabis sector. The Team at Chemistree is able to utilize these downturns to quickly deploy it’s capital and management expertise to make smart investments or acquisitions of quality assets.

Appointment of Sheldon Aberman on October 18, 2018

The company has since turned to newly appointed Chief Cannabis Officer, Sheldon Aberman, to spearhead the company’s next phase of growth. He takes over the role with vast experience on commercial cannabis cultivation as well as the design of grow operations worldwide.

Aberman first contribution to Chemistree was to help facilitate and oversee the investment and turn around of SugarLeaf in Washington State. He has also played a pivotal role in the expansion of the company’s Sugarleaf brand. The board has since tasked him with the responsibility of designing the company’s new cannabis facility in Desert Hot Springs California.

Years of experience have seen Mr. Aberman lead the design, development and commissioning of grow facilities for various companies around the world. He has also had a hand in the creation of several multimillion-dollar industry partnerships among other ventures such as Pure Essential Black Label and Cannabis Consulting Co.

He assumes the new role, having helped in the design and implementation of a 312,000 Sq. Ft. cultivation center for Canadian Cannabis Corporation in 2014. In 2016, as part of a consulting agreement, he spearheaded the design and construction of what becomes the first licensed cultivation and processing facility in Michigan.

Aberman has also helped Chemistree in securing receipt of the Conditional Use Permit for the development of a 128,000 sqft. canopy and 40,000 sqft. of manufacturing and distribution facilities in Desert Hot Springs California.

“He has tremendous experience and an unrivaled contact list across the international cannabis community. With this appointment, we are even better positioned to continue to build and optimize existing business and expand our operations across the United States and ultimately to international markets,” explained, Karl Kottmeier, Chemistree President.

Chemistree’s Game-Changing Technology Plans

The appointment comes at a time when the company is increasingly looking to accelerate international expansion. The company is also looking to advance its cultivation practices as well as results in terms of cannabis yield and quality consistency.

As a renowned leader in the cannabis sector, Aberman is expected to enhance Chemistree Technology cultivation capabilities to address the growing need for cannabis in the market. Aberman is also seen as the right person to solidify Chemistree Technology position as a world leader in the multi-billion dollar industry.

Chemistree Technology is in the process of advancing its 9.55-acre Desert Hot Springs land package, the design team is currently finalizing plans for a cannabis greenhouse as well as a manufacturing and distributing hub. The project is on track and slated for completion in the first quarter of next year.

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