Chemistree Technology Is Building on the Nico Escondido’s Presence to Grow Market Share

Nico Escondido is a name players in the global cannabis industry understand very well. Acknowledging the significance of having such a colossal figure in their fold, Chemistree Technology added him as a board member in April.

The man behind the penname

While Nico Escondido is a popular name in the cannabis circles, few people actually know the person behind the name. Actually, the name is an adopted penname belonging to Mr. Nicholas Zitelli. Mr. Zitelli is an industry expert with a tremendous amount of experience in cannabis which ranges from cultivation and genetics to bureaucratic issues like compliance and regulations.

Before assuming a seat on Chemistree’s Board of Directors, Zitelli was already a highflying executive at Trans High Corporation. The company owns controlling interests on a range of HIGH TIMES brands spread across the cannabis ecosystem. Mr. Zitelli does not shy away from registering his opinion on matters dear to the cannabis industry. He is a prolific contributor to the body of literature championing for the robustness and significance of the cannabis industry.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Zitelli is a go-to guy who legislators and policymakers consult often for his valuable input. As a result, he has created a web of partnerships across North America and Europe. His major interests in these partnerships is to advance the industry via targeted research and breeding of superior cannabis genetics.

Perfect chemistry between Escondido and Chemistree

Mr. Zitelli joined Chemistree’s management at a critical period when the company was ready for serious growth.

Just six days after Mr. Zitelli made his appearance on the board, great developments began to happen. Particularly, the company entered a profiting partnership with Applied Cannabis Sciences. The main objective of the partnership was to enable Chemistree to grow its global presence. Interestingly, Nico Escondido is the CEO of Applied Cannabis Sciences (ACS).

A rosy outlook for Chemistree

Chemistree revealed that it had finalized the process of investing in ACS. The news came at a very important period because ACS has put in a request for approval (RFA) to build a vertically integrated cannabis operation in New Jersey. We are very confident that the ACS partnership will get the approval it needs to move ahead due to Mr. Zitelli professional background and position. Confidence in the company is steadily increasing for two reasons. One, Nico Escondido’s presence is helping to attract attention from more investors across the board. And second, Chemistree is making commendable progress in Washington state where its company SugarLeaf, is performing well.

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